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Recording Ritual

Here's a piece about recording ritual, focusing on Muharram, with examples drawn from YouTube. Discover More…

Mawlid Celebration

Omid Safi, OneBeing, The Celebration of Mawlid, The Birthday of the Prophet article from 2015, but relevant at the moment too.
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Sufism in Uzbekistan

Sufism in Uzbekistan discussed in great BBC programme:

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The Muslim Undertakers of the East End

AlJazeera, Whitechapel, London: The Muslim undertakers of the East End, 26 Sep 2018 "A family of Muslim undertakers offers a glimpse into a vibrant community that the far right has tried to demonise." Digression from this blog, but a wonderful documentary.

COVID-19: Updated

COVID-19 coverage/issues relating specifically to Muslims and the internet: this section of the blog is now effectively a timeline of key concerns associated with COVID-19. Expect some writing of this in due course, and also a webinar of work-in-progress (in September). Discover More…
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