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Deplatforming Impact

Bijan Stephen, The Verge, Death of a provocateur

"Being banned from Twitter might feel like the end of the world or the end of your career, but it isn’t — unless, like most provocateurs, attention is your livelihood, and your paycheck depends on the spotlight. This is why deplatforming can clean up online communities. Supporters may grouse about the loss of a perceived champion, but very few of them are willing to leave the comforts of a familiar platform to venture out into the wilds of a new one. As of this writing, Loomer — who claimed during her protest to have had 265,000 followers on Twitter, where she promoted her writing — has 139 patrons on Patreon who donate to get her journalism. The audiences are hardly the same."

Interesting article. The impact of deplatforming can be profound …

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