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'IS' round-up

'Islamic State': round-up of activities/articles relating to online materials:

Nicolas Hénin, Guardian, The caliphate is gone, but Islamic State has a new plan, 7 May 2019 "The paradox of the defeat of the caliphate is that as it has collapsed, the transformation of Isis into a global brand has been barely affected. Now that it has lost its territory, Isis is turning more than ever to the rest of the world. The video sought to emphasise the international nature of the struggle, the foreign fighters who have died during the collapse of the caliphate. Winning is no longer paramount. Baghdadi reminds us in his latest video: “Allah ordered us to lead the jihad, not to win.” With the fall of the caliphate, the west clearly won a battle. A decisive one. But we did not win the war."
Hassan Hassan, Foreign Policy, Welcome to the Post-Middle East ISIS, 3 May 2019 "The spread of global jihad under the Islamic State banner will likely prove both an opportunity and a burden for its affiliates, as it will distinguish them from other violent rivals but also alienate local communities. Nevertheless, the Islamic State’s plan to entrench itself locally throughout the broader region is arguably the most serious threat posed by the group today. The fact that its model evidently worked after the group’s defeat in 2008 makes it easier for the Islamic State to maintain the loyalty of many of its members and support networks and to persuade new recruits further afield to subscribe to its ideology."
Jihadoscope, Twitter, 1 May 2019, "With release of al Baghdadi video, supporters of Islamic State promote website featuring archives of video, audio & other ISIS related media. New Baghdadi video available via several active download links as well as embedded viewing on site."D5fLiz4XsAAvGPz
Jihadoscope, Twitter, 2, May 2019 "Islamic State linked Telegram channels laud efforts of ISIS supporters who together translated and disseminated infographic detailing Sri Lanka terror attacks in 16 different languages"
Jihadoscope, Twitter, 2 May 2019 "Islamic State supporters relaunch al Bayan- ISIS' radio station online with new and archived audio from the terror group."
NYT, ISIS’ Mysterious Leader Is Not Dead, New Video Shows, 29 April 2019 "On Monday, he reappeared, leaning on a cushion with an assault rifle at his side, in a video seeking to rally his followers after the loss of the group’s territory in Iraq and Syria and its execution of one of the deadliest terrorist attacks in years, on Easter in Sri Lanka."

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