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Shamima Begum Case - update

For details of the Shamima Begum case, click here:

This case is ongoing. I'm listed selected updates here, in chronological order:

The story broke in the Times on 14 February, in a story by Anthony Loyd: The Times, Isis bride Shamima Begum: ‘When I saw my first severed head it didn’t faze me at all’. [note: this is paywalled]

Check the Twitter feed for more information: the most detailed response is the excellent thread from Shiraz Maher. This has been covered into an article: Shiraz Maher, New Statesman, The case of Shamima Begum shows there are no easy choices for the West as Isis collapses, 14 Feb 2019.

I briefly mentioned the Bethnal Green girls in 'Hashtag Islam'.

Further coverage: CNN, Pregnant ISIS bride wants to return to UK and BBC News, Shamima Begum: Ex-Bethnal Green schoolgirl who joined IS 'wants to come home.

Huffington Post, 5 Key Questions Raised After British Isis Teen Bride's Plea To Return.

Times (via Twitter) audio of interview with Begum

BBC News, Newspaper headlines: IS teen's family make 'plea for mercy', 15 Feb 2019

Tahir Abbas, Middle East Eye, Why Britain should bring Shamima Begum home

BBC News, IS bride pleads for sympathy

collected headlines.

Sky News, Shamima Begum: 'A lot of people should have sympathy for me,' IS bride tells Sky News

BBC News, Shamima Begum: IS teenager says losing UK citizenship 'unjust', 20 Feb 2019 "Ms. Begum, 19, told ITV news that she found the Home Office's decision "heart-breaking" - but she may try for citizenship via her Dutch husband."

More discussion on this issue via my Twitter

The National, Beyond the Headlines podcast: The curious case of the runaway ISIS bride

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