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Updated information about the Sudan protests.

BBC News, Sudan: Protesters at army HQ keep pressure on Bashir
BBC Africa, Twitter on Protests in Sudan
FT, Protesters stage sit-in outside Sudanese president's residence
BBC News, Letter from Africa: 'We're not cleaners' - sexism amid Sudan protests
Netblocks, Social media disrupted in Sudan as protests converge in Khartoum "Twitter, Periscope, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Telegram have been blocked in Sudan on Sunday 7 April 2019 amid intense demonstrations, according to NetBlocks internet measurement data."
Twitter: Sudan
alBawaba, Sudanese Women are Changing History With a Remarkable Role in The Protests, 9 Apr 2019 "As thousands of Sudanese protesters are taking part in an anti-government sit-in calling on President Omar Bashir to resign, Sudanese women have been taking a noticeable lead role during the past few days."
There's an important Twitter thread from MujtabaaMusaa, with clips of army protesters.
Video of soldier
Here's Hind Makki's thread on the photo of the woman on the car, leading the protest. The photo has come viral and 'iconic' in terms of its symbolisms. There's also a piece from CNN. The 22-year-old activist in that iconic photo says she chanted from atop a car to declare, 'Sudan is for all'. The photo is by Lana Haroun, although judging by the surroundings (and numerous cellphones), several other versions will also emerge.

Sudan: Lana Haroun's photo of protests

Guardian, 'No more old men in uniform': Sudan protesters demand civil government "In stifling heat, a group of Coptic Christians – a minority and persecuted group in Sudan – set up shelters to allow their fellow Muslim protesters to pray away from the glare of the Friday morning sun, and without leaving the spot they’ve occupied since Saturday."


Representation from Pillars Fund


Source: Twitter


Source: Twitter
Le Monde, Soudan: Alaa Salah, icône d’une révolution entravée et source d’inspiration virale "Sur les réseaux, l’image de cette étudiante enveloppée de blanc a incarné la révolte des Soudanais, inspirant les artistes par sa posture, ses vêtements et son charisme."


Huda Hashim, Twitter, painting


Another iconic photo from Lana Haroun (via Twitter): Husam All-Alsalam is the violinist.
Al Jazeera, Sudan's popular protests, in 10 photos
Mohamed Satti, Reaction, Songs of freedom: how music brought political change to Sudan "During the days in early April, when the revolution gathered steam, the government expelled most international media outlets. So it was up to the citizens to capture the uprising on cellphones. These cellphone images and videos were soon circulated on social media platforms to Sudanese in the diaspora and to a global audience. Local media outlets continued with regular programming despite the government’s efforts to impose a media blackout."
BBC News, Chairman, Sudan Reform Now - Ghazi Salahuddin AtabaniCNN, Fake news and public executions: Documents show a Russian company's plan for quelling protests in Sudan

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