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Reading Attack

Updates on the attack in Reading on 20 June 2020 … Discover More…

'Missionaries of Jihad'

Aaron Zelin's book details are here Discover More…

Media representation issues

The Shabab, Tablighi Guidebook ‘Fazail-E-Amaal’ Shown As ‘Jihadi Literature’ In Amazon Prime Web Series Pataal Lok

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New Book on Jihad

A new book from Thomas Hegghammer is out now, discussing global jihad: Discover More…

Jihadism 101

Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi, Pundicity, Jihadism 101: 'The Neglected Duty'

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From Battlefront to Cyberspace

One for future reading:

Asaad Almohammad & Charlie Winter, From Battlefront to Cyberspace: Demystifying the Islamic State’s Propaganda Machine, CTI, June 2019

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Mali Massacre

France24, More than 130 Fulani massacred as ethnic and jihadist violence escalates in Mali
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Jihadology Access Concerns

David Bond,, How extremist videos are hitting UK relations with US tech groups, 2 Dec 2018
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The Page 99 Test

Here's my response to the Page 99 Test … Discover More…

Abu Qatada discussion

Abu Qatada discussion Discover More…

Research on Syria/Jihadism

Hassan Hassan, CTC, Two Houses Divided: How Conflict in Syria Shaped the Future of Jihadism, October 2018, Volume 11, Issue 9

Building Resilience for Terrorism Researchers

Peter King, Vox-Pol, Building Resilience for Terrorism Researchers, September 19, 2018
While this is not my immediate area, I appreciate many of the points made by Peter King in this article relating to methodology and subject related 'fatigue' and stress.

Debunking Myths on Gender and Extremism

Rachel Bryson, Debunking Myths on Gender and Extremism, Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, "In this collection of papers, experts weigh in on assumptions about women’s roles in violent Islamist extremism that hold back informed policymaking."
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