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Safiyya Shaykh Conviction

The conclusion of a significant UK prosecution case, with a dynamic online element to it. Discover More…

Sinéad O’Connor

The Irish Times, Sinéad O’Connor’s Late Late performance hits 1.6m views online Discover More…

Convert experiences

NOPR, I'm Converting: My First Ramadan
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German 'converts'

Deutsche Welle, Anna, a young woman seeking love and Allah
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UK IS Case

BBC News, Lewis Ludlow: How the Oxford Street terror plotter was caught
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Identity and 'Islamophobia'

C.J. Werleman,, How do white Muslims experience Islamophobia?
Social media linkage to this interesting article/opinion piece.
"I'm white and English. I've never faced racism in my life. I became a Muslim, then people would hurl abuse as I was no longer white," tweeted Christopher John George. "I never knew how bad it felt until I was on the other side… it is DISGUSTING."
"His tweet illuminates not only how Islamophobia is a virulent form of racism, but also narrates an untold story of the Muslim experience in western societies today - the story of how white converts to Islam are now considered by some racists as traitors to their race."

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