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Egypt Internet

Swipe Like An Egyptian: Harmonica

BBC News, The dating app built for young Egyptians
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Egyptian Electronic Music

Tristan Rutherford, Aramco Magazine, Egypt Drops the Beat
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Egypt Security Issues

The New Arab, Egyptian security services 'conducting illegal random phone searches' in protest crackdown Discover More…

Wael Ghonim

AlBawaba, What Happened to Wael Ghonim, Egypt's Revolution Icon?
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Egyptian Female Digital Literacy

Stepfeed, Program in Egypt lets female orphans channel their inner tech goddess Discover More…

Bassem Youssef

BBC World Service, Outlook, Bassem Youssef: Egypt’s revolutionary comedian
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#فتاة_العياط Fatat al-Ayat

Al Bawaba, Egyptians Defend Young Girl Who Killed Her Rapist In Face of The Law significant story on social media #فتاة_العياط

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Egypt and 'justice'

BBC News, Egypt justice: Freedom by day, prisoner by night
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Morsi Documentary

Al Jazeera, Egypt's Morsi: The Final Hours

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