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Recording Ritual

Here's a piece about recording ritual, focusing on Muharram, with examples drawn from YouTube. Discover More…

Shi'ism Malaysia

Malay Mail, Jais denounces Shiah teachings in Friday sermon
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Shi'ism in Nigeria

Haruna Shehu Tangaza BBC Africa, Islamic Movement in Nigeria: The Iranian-inspired Shia group
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Data Darbar Attacked

Data Darbar (Data Ganj Baksh) mosque in Lahore has been attacked. Discover More…

KSA Human rights

Middle East Eye, Executed by Saudi Arabia: A student, an academic, a protester, an imam
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KSA Sunni-Shi'a Relations

The New Arab, Saudi ex-Imam of Mecca 'no longer considers Shia Muslims as heretics' Discover More…

Pakistan book

New book on Pakistan's Shi'a population: Discover More…

Sistani profile

TRT World, Grand Ayatollah Ali al Sistani’s influence over Iraq
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Iraq's Post ISIS Campaign of Revenge

A sobering essential long-read by Ben Taub (and associated photographers): New Yorker, Shallow Graves/Iraq's Post ISIS Campaign of Revenge Discover More…

True Origins of ISIS

Hassan Hassan, The Atlantic, The True Origins of ISIS: A secret biography suggests that Abu Ali al-Anbari defined the group’s radical approach more than any other person, 30 Nov 2018
Important article from Hassan Hassan.

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French police raid Centre Zahra France

Daily Star (Lebanon), French police raid Shiite center in counterterror swoop, 3 Oct 2018

"One Zahra France official cited in the order to freeze funds, Yahia Gouasmi, 68, told CNews TV channel that the weapons were solely “for the security of the center” and mainly belonged to Zahra France’s security detail.

"“Everything is false,” said Jamel Tahiri, 43, also among the four whose funds were being frozen.

"“We’re transparent. Everything is on internet.”"
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