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Egyptian Internet

Cairo Crash Tweets

Al-Monitor, Deadly Cairo train crash brings to surface anger, discontent in Egypt
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'State of Social Media: Middle East 2018'

al-Bawaba, 5 Takeaways on Social Media in the Middle East in 2018 According to Oregon’s School of Journalism

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Shady Srour Case

al-Bawaba, Egyptian Comedian Shady Srour Turns to Atheism in Emotional Facebook Post

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Al Bawaba, Killed in Egypt: Egyptians Honor their Victims After Eight Years of Revolution
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Reflections on Egypt

Jared Malsin and Amira El-Fekki, WSJ, Eight Years After Egypt’s Uprising, a New Autocrat Is Determined Not to Permit a Sequel Discover More…

'The fall of Egyptian media'

Al Jazeera, The Listening Post, After spring came winter: The fall of the Egyptian media

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Social media and the 'Arab Uprising'

Washington Post, Eight years after Egypt’s revolution, here’s what we’ve learned about social media and protest
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#MeToo Egypt

CNN, Egypt's #MeToo moment targets street harassment
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Egypt Apple Issues

Venture Beat, Egypt threatens Apple with legal action over anti-competitive pricing
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Egypt: Social Media uproar on schools issue

BBC News, News from Elsewhere, Mickey Mouse expelled from Egypt schools, 28 Sep 2018 " ... Governor Marzouk's decree has come in for mockery on social media, with many users arguing that the authorities need to focus more on crammed classrooms and old-fashioned teaching methods."

Man arrested after breakfast with woman in Saudi Arabia

BBC News, Man arrested after breakfast with woman in Saudi Arabia, 10 Sep 2018 "In the 30-second video, the man and woman briefly joke about eating their breakfast together, with nobody else invited."

Contrasting views were expressed on social media from Egypt and Saudi Arabia in relation to this incident.
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