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Hands-free hijab

The New Arab, US state says it's legal to use a hijab to drive hands free Discover More…

KSA Viral Video

al-Bawaba, Saudi Woman Goes Shopping Without Her Abaya Challenging Mandatory Dress Code
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Asking for a Friend: What's it Like Wearing Hijab?

Al Jazeera, Asking for a Friend: What's it Like Wearing Hijab? Discover More…

KSA 'inside-out abaya'

A prominent campaign has appeared on social media from SaudiArabia relating to dress codes over the past week.

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amaliah, #ProtectYoungHijabis the Hashtag Formed to Protect Over 900 Young Muslim Women From One Sexual Predator Discover More…

M&S Hijab

Online discussions about the sale of hijabs in Marks & Spencer, as represented here on Twitter.


Yes, I'm Hot in This.

ImamsOnline, One Muslim Woman’s Mission For Better Representation "One of the best ways that we as Muslims can improve our status in the media is to support people who present a more positive outlook of Islam in the West. One such person is a Muslim artist named Huda Fahmy, aka “Yes, I’m Hot in This“. The name is a play on the question that plagues many a hijabi, where non-Muslims will constantly ask us “Aren’t you hot in that?” and I love the way she takes ownership of who she is, and how she’s feeling."
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