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Sudan internet

Animal rights in Sudan

Animal rights in Sudan - social media campaign Discover More…

Alaa Salah Profile

Times, Alaa Salah: Sudan’s ‘woman in white’ on why she’s prepared to die [paywalled article]
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Sudan Net Blackout

Tomi Oladipo, BBC News, Has an internet blackout killed Sudan's revolution?
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Exploitation of Social Media

Taylor Lorenz, The Atlantic, Instagrammers Are Exploiting the Sudan Crisis
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Sudan's Blue Social Media

al-Bawaba, Blue Wave Breaks Through Social Media in Solidarity With Sudan
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Sudan Net Outage

Netblocks, Severe internet outage across Sudan amid reports of Darfur paramilitary attacks
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Updated information about the Sudan protests. Discover More…

Sudan and Social Media

Arab News, Social media aids Sudan opposition to spread protests
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Sudan Net Censorship

Reuters/Salaam Gateway, Sudan restricts social media access to counter protest movement, 2 Jan 2019
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