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Bitcoin Iran

Coindesk, Bitcoin’s Lightning Torch Enters Iran as Payment Experiment Blazes On Discover More…

'IS' online activities

Edith M Lederer, Associated Press, UN warns Islamic State losses shouldn't lead to complacency

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Bitcoin and IS

Kurdistan24, Islamic State using cryptocurrencies but not to launch attacks in Europe: Europol, 20 Sep 2018 "The Islamic State (IS) has used cryptocurrency such as Zcash to fund its terrorist activities online, but has not done so directly to finance attacks in Europe, the EU police agency Europol said in a recent report.

"In its 2018 Internet Organized Crime Threat Assessment (IOCTA), the law enforcement agency found that, while IS continues to use the internet and cyber-tools “to spread and inspire acts of terrorism,” it had not used such means in direct attacks on European soil."
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