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Gary R. Bunt

'Glorifying Violence'

Al Bawaba, Glorifying Violence: 'Israel Is Trying to Make Killing Palestinians Look Sexy'
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International Cyber Terrorism Regulation Project

David Fidler, Council on Foreign Relations, Terrorism, Social Media, and the El Paso Tragedy Discover More…

'Deal of the Century'?

Kylie Atwood, CNN, Palestinian snub of Kushner's conference highlights failure of admin's outreach effort

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Israeli Tech Allegations

The Wire, Israeli Tech Companies Target Rights Activists With Tailor-Made Cyber Threats
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Hamas 'Cyber HQ' attacked (allegedly)

Vice, Israel Bombing ‘Cyber Operatives’ Isn’t Cyber War, It’s Just War
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Timothy Bernard Case

Ha'aretz, What Drove This British-Israeli Jewish Exec to Convert to Islam and Abet Terrorist Activity Discover More…

Amos Oz profile


srael bids farewell to author and peace advocate Amos Oz
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Rouzan al-Najjar: NYT profile on IDF Medic Murder

NY Times, An Israeli Soldier Killed a Medic in Gaza. We Investigated the Fatal Shot.
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Israel's software helps KSA - allegation

NYT, Israeli Software Helped Saudis Spy on Khashoggi, Lawsuit Says
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