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Ramadan 2020: Updated


With Virtual Iftars now a reality, I tracked specific issues of online engagement and Ramadan during the Coronavirus crisis.

Umar A. Farooq, Middle East Eye, As Muslims go digital amid pandemic, far-right groups are 'Zoombombing' faith-based meetings "With Muslims in America observing the holy month of Ramadan digitally - spending much of their day on various online gatherings, webinars, and virtual lectures - many fear a surge in online hate attacks from far-right trolls."

Idris gives a good report here: BBC Newsnight, Ramadan: What is Ramadan?
Arab News, Saudis turn to technology for Eid gatherings "Many special Eid-related traditions have been broken this year as families are forced to stay home because of coronavirus restrictions. But technology has come to the rescue with many relying on video calls to bring family members and loved ones closer. "
Al Jazeera, Unprecedented virus lockdown as Muslims mark Ramadan
NY Times, Imams Overrule Pakistan’s Coronavirus Lockdown as Ramadan Nears "The government gave in to clerics’ demands that mosques be allowed to stay open during the Islamic holy month. Now critics are asking who’s in charge."
Guardian, Ramadan begins amid coronavirus restrictions as Trump 'disinfectant' theory dismissed

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